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Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, I've got some legal knowledge to drop
Like <a href="">model agreements for corporate counsel</a>, droppin' templates like they're hot
If you're dealin' with <a href="">customer specification requirements</a>, listen up, I got the insights you admire
What does a <a href="">non disclosure agreement</a> do? You betta check it out before you're through
Are <a href="">pit bulls legal in Maryland</a>? Let me tell you, it's buried in the bylaws, and not very merry
Legal next of kin order in <a href="">California</a>, what does it really mean? It's more than just a dream
The <a href="">definition of written contract</a>, goes beyond just what's on paper, it's a document to protect ya
Landmark <a href="">law cases in India</a>, they set the precedents, makin' legal history, it's no coincidence
What documents do I need to enter <a href="">Poland</a>? Don't worry, I got your back, it ain't no hidden plan
A <a href="">sample of collaborative agreement for nurse practitioner</a>, it's a template to guide ya, no need to be a mind reader
<a href="">Ignorance of the law is no excuse in South Africa</a>, gotta know what's right, or else, it's gonna be a strife